Giottos MTL8361B

The Giottos MTL8361B 3 way series features a flip lever leg lock. It also has a multi-function...

Manfrotto 055cxPro3

The Manfrotto 055cxPro3 carbon fiber tripod is specifically designed for extreme outdoor assignments...

Vanguard Alta Pro 284CT

The vanguard Alta Pro 284CT carbon fiber tripod has an unmatched flexibility and stability...

The Velbon GEO E630

Velbon has been a leader in design, development and manufacture of quality tripods for over 50 years...
Finally, high end super car technology is now adopted in manufacturing light weight camera tripods. By that I mean carbon fiber. As most of you already know that the automotive industry uses carbon fiber extensively in developing high end super cars it is because of the materials great rigidity, high temperature tolerance and light weight. However, carbon fiber is relatively expensive to produce compared to other camera tripod materials such as aluminum or magnesium. In manufacturing camera tripod, carbon fiber is used for the same purpose, as to achieve great rigidity along with lightness, therefore carbon fiber tripods favors travel photographer. Carbon fiber tripods are about 30% lighter and more rigid that metal tripods of similar size and quality. Apart from that the material is great in dampening vibration compared to aluminum or magnesium made tripods, which is more effective when taking pictures in low light conditions. And so, whether you’re an amateur or a professional photographer looking for a lightweight camera tripod, we hope that this site appeases your needs.
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